Who we are

Markeing, Branding and Customer Service

We are dedicated to working with our clients, whenever they need us. Your customer service rep is the person that works directly on your account, so they know you and they want to help. Any day, any time!

Marketing and Branding Team


And we don't just say it.  We do it. Our processes are handled individually by a person, not by a computer. We work directly with each client to build relationships, understand the mission and build a brand. 

Building a brand can be difficult and confusing, but it's not for us. 

We have been working with companies for many years, learning branding techniques in different business niches and industries all over the country. Our goal has always been the same, treat every account as if it were our own company for which we are marketing and branding. This approach has helped us to build strong brand recognition that lasts. Many of our accounts have been with us for over 3 years, which shows that our customers love what we do and how we do it. We have many different options to help grow your business.  We use social media as the staple of our business growth and branding techniques, as well as email marketing, design, SEO and online profile management.

Our approach to Social Media is different from normal companies, as we work to build followers organically to produce true results instead of inflated ones.  Sometimes it is a numbers game, but mostly it is a game that involves finding people that want your product or service and making sure you get that product into their hands or get them through your doors. We post everyday. We take pictures. We hold our company accountable. We research hashtags that will help grow your social media platform and drive business organically. We create a brand you can be proud of everyday. 

We use Email Marketing as a way to reach customers through continued marketing and branding. Customers want to hear from you, so we help you to design an image that will keep those customers wanting to return, week after week, year after year. Email marketing drives loyalty and loyalty means more frequent visits. 

Our Design team is stupendously marvelous, building any type of branding material from scratch, just for your business. Logos, brochures, pamphlets, posters, stickers, business cards.  Whatever you need, we do it and are here to work with you to help your dream come to life. 

We also use website SEO and SEM to drive business to your website. You choose the budget and we build SEO around the keywords you specify. We even do research to help find the best words for your business. 

Lastly, Online Profile Management is like that one tool in your tool box that you can't live without (maybe a phillips head screw driver or a drill). We use it to build a solid online branding presence.  Get in the face of the customer in every way possible.  Yelp, Google, Trip Advisor, and Rewards Network are the four major platforms that we utilize. We keep profiles up to date with pictures and ensure that all data is accurate across all platforms.  

We are here for your business when you need it.  Call us, Text us, Email us.  It makes no difference. Late to post for an event? Let us know and we will post same day within minutes of requestedWe do not rest until you are happy and your business is growing successfully and even then, we keep working hard for you!