Website Creation Plans and Details

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The Create Plan will allow you to have a website that will make you proud. While this a basic website plan, you will be able to have the majority of the website created for you and you will be able to change or add onto it as you like. Perfect for a company that wants a basic website created and can make edits post-development. 

Custom Create

This plan is does everything that the Create Plan does, but allows for more webpages to be made. Custom themes and widgets allows for your website to stand out even more than other pages. We will consult with you shortly after about the necessities for your site and any inspiration that you may have. We will come to you and show you how to edit any portion of the website that you need and provide written instruction as well. 

Custom Create & Analytics Set-Up

This plan offers all of the benefits of the Custom Create Plan. We will also create and link a Google Analytics account for you and show you how to understand what these results mean: where website visitors are coming from, what they're looking at and when they sign off.