Review Management Plans and Details

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The Review plan will start off with linking the review platforms to our platform, which allows us to see all reviews in one place. From this, we'll be able to view the most common words used to describe your brand and customers' experiences. You'll also receive weekly and monthly review averages. 

Review & Respond

This plan offers all of the Review Plan benefits as well as goal tracking and built-in website widgets. The website widget is a great way to have your positive reviews displayed on your website for consumers to see. 

Review & Respond Plus

This plan offers all of the Review & Respond Plan benefits. It also includes a review analysis report (in-depth review analysis) that will be delivered weekly. The in-depth analysis will include positive words including the number of times the words are mentioned. We do the same for negative words. This in-depth analysis will tell you absolutely everything you've wanted to know about what others think about your brand.