Tiring Starbucks

Updated: Sep 5, 2019

sDriving around the city of Austin, as a tourist or a local, one will see a lot of beautiful things. Restaurants, high-rises, boutique shops fill the streets keeping Austin special and weird. The food scene is an appropriate place to begin in understanding how Austin keeps getting weirder and more popular. There is just nothing like it. When a new corner or spot opens for lease after a business has closed, the excitement for what might come next is undeniable. We drive by, looking and staring, trying to find any tiny detail that could offer up some clue as to what peculiar business might take over the space and add to the beautiful nostalgia of this great city. We wait and we wait, then there it is...the new, the special, the different, the weird.'s just another Starbucks

Starbucks seems to fall in wherever possible to grab more of the local, morning breakfast and daily coffee marketshare. With nearly 27,000 Starbucks locations across the country, it is growing tiring to imagine what could have been only to see the same old thing creep up and liter city streets with boring. Sure, Starbucks isn't that bad with their overpriced coffee and frozen sandwiches, but with all the negative press surrounding their brand, seeing them pop-up again and again in Austin, just doesn't feel right. It's like trying to join a motor cycle crew wearing clothes pulled off of a mannequin from JCrew, it just doesn't work.

\We can't stop the growth, but we can certainly disagree with it.

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