Staying Fresh in Austin

The city of Austin is a beautiful thing, from the parks and river, to the vibrant nightlife and sensational food. But all of this fun comes at a steep price for businesses. Everywhere you look a business is closing in Austin. It could be a restaurant open for 20 years or a fitness center that opened only 6 months ago. There seems to be little rhyme or reason to what sticks and what doesn't. There is, however, one evident truth, within a market flooded with new ideas and's hard to stand out.

Austin is a city where customers are abundant and looking for businesses with great products, food and services. The people here don't settle for average and won't. Even the local fast food burger spot serves only angus beef and swears by no hormones or antibiotics. They cut their potatoes from fresh Idaho potatoes right in front of the customer before they cook them in a richer, healthier oil than needed. The people in Austin expect the best, so businesses are finding a way to give it to them. Local austinites are not the only customers that local Austin businesses must cater to.

Tourism is quickly becoming the heartbeat of Austin. Whether it is SXSW or ACL, the music scene or the tales of 6th street, people are finding their way to Austin. All of this drives up the competition and businesses are creating strong brands to stand out in a crowded Austin marketplace. Let the competition begin.

Competing in a city where a new business is opening everyday is difficult, as taxes continue to increase and more money is poured into a city overflowing with wealth. If you aren't standing out and getting people to talk about your business, then people are talking about your business. Managing social media, online profiles, and marketing effectively through email, is essential to overcoming the charge of high impact corporate businesses that are itching to find their way into the city center, and they are. What keeps the smaller business chains in the mix is nostalgia and...well...a lot of great branding. Branding is the one true element of business marketing that can help any business stay in the light, as long as it is done correctly.

Focus on what your brand is to you and what you want the public to think about what that brand represents. Then, establish an online presence. Hire a marketing company that will build your vision and grow your brand by impacting the very customers that you are trying to reach. The ones that will be proud to talk about the places they go! True, organic growth.

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