Let's be Frank

Honestly, there are a lot of restaurants in Austin. Some of them are not worthy of being in this city and others stand atop their niche, balancing the ever changing shift in the Austin restaurant scene. Frank is a branding marvel, like Madonna or Prince, just the name in Austin is synonymous with delicious.

They call themselves the Purveyor of Artisan Sausage, making the food sound like something from a foreign town, but so well fit into the culture in Austin. The hot dogs are on a complete different level than those you have tasted anywhere else. I would suggest the Chili Cheese Dog as it will satisfy you beyond imagination. The waffle fries are a fine addition as well! Frank serves their drinks in jars and to a drinkers delight, has a full bar just inside the front door. Sit in the upstairs area, in the first floor dining area or outside and enjoy some sensational food at very reasonable prices. You will thank yourself for finding your way to this classic Austin restaurant.





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