Lemi Shine: Make Cleaning Fun

Updated: Sep 5, 2019

Cleaning is not always the most enjoyable task, but it is inevitable in life.  We have to clean. We have to wash our clothes, do our dishes and clean our windows. We have to scrub the floors and wipe the counters.  If we turn on some music and buckle down, it's not so bad. But do we really want to do it? Not really. 

We'd rather be doing something else that we CHOOSE to do and not the thing that we HAVE to do. So the goal here is to make the most of the time we have to spend cleaning by using effective products that are safe for our family and  get the job done quickly. 

In comes Lemi Shine.

I walk down the aisles of HEB, searching the cleaning aisle for effective products that are safe for my family.  I find many products that are simply safe for my family but know, through first-hand use of the product, that they don't provide the cleaning power of the toxic competitors.

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I also find products that will clean virtually anything, but in choosing those products, I directly expose my family to the harmful effects of their toxic ingredients. So, I am left searching, looking up and down the aisle. At last, I find this colorfully designed brand called Lemi Shine. A product that is promoted as safe for your family but also provides that high-level cleaning power that I need.  At first, I am skeptical.  I mean, what safe cleaning product actually works? A question that is quickly answered once I return home.

Larson Marketing Project; Lemi Shine; Digital Marketing; LMP

I open up iTunes on my phone, put on my headphones and turn on my cleaning playlist. It is filled with upbeat music that will help take my mind off of the fact that I am cleaning and send me to a place where cleaning can be fun. Not likely, but I’m hopeful. I am excited to try the new Lemi Shine brand knowing that a lot of their products are EPA SAFE Certified. Even when they aren't, they are filled with ingredients that are safe and activated by the clean smelling citric extracts used in the cleaning formula. I am impressed from the first spray to the last. My counters, windows and sink look brand new. It cleans like the toxic competitor but leaves nothing harmful behind.  I can't believe that a product that offers so much in power can also be safe for my family.

Later that evening, my son is eating a snack and drops a bit of it on the counter.  In the past, I had always felt like it had touched the floor. Because even though the counter might be clear of bacteria, it was now covered with other harmful chemicals from the cleaner I used. So I used to tell him not to eat it and throw it out. Now, I feel good knowing that we can be a little clumsy and not have to worry about what toxic residue we are ingesting...and my son is happy to get to finish all of his snack.

So when you need to clean but don't feel like it, turn on some music, grab some Lemi Shine and smile knowing that you are offering more safety to your family without doing any extra work.

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