It's the Small Things

Updated: Sep 5, 2019

Sometimes it is the small things that can change your bottom line. What might seem like a relatively insignificant move can quickly increase profitability and drive retention. A business owner has to be willing to look at the market and figure out where, within that market, the business sits. Planning for the future is much easier after that.

Take Pterry’s for example. 

Fast food. Fries. Sodas. Milkshakes. Pretty simple to see in which market they sit, simply by looking at their menu. However, Pterry’s approach is working in contrast to most other fast food burger chains by promoting a healthier fast food. 

Remember when you would just buy a box of cereal and it didn’t matter really what it said on it because it was cereal, it was good and that’s that. Now, times are different and everyone cares about grains or gluten allergies and something is visually different now when you buy a box of cereal. Your eyes aren’t only attracted to the name or the cute character on the front, they are also looking for those badges that say “Gluten Free” or “Made with Whole Grains”. This is precisely how Pterry’s works. When I go to McDonald’s, I know what I am getting based on past perception, just like cereals. Pterry’s is like McDonald’s with badges, only way better. Well, unless I am on a road trip, then McDonald’s is actually pretty delicious! 

Anyway, back to Pterry’s. Pterry's serves “hormone and antibiotic free” meats, which leads to a perception that the food is healthier or better in some way, and they are growing fast because of it. With their 100% angus beef, freshly cut fries (yeah, they take a potatoes, clean them, cut them and fry them in the healthiest oil they can), and veggie burgers, they stand fast as a healthier (however small) version of those other guys. And to be honest, it does taste that way. The quality of the food is noticeably better. 

So, even with all of that success, Pterry’s is still looking to grab more market share within the fast food world. It’s the small things that matter and apparently, Pterry’s recognizes that as they have just introduced alternative sides to those delicious freshly cut fries. "All Natural" Applesauce and Fresh Fruit. A small move, but a move that will certainly increase their market share and give those that never wanted fries something to grab, when they are looking for something a little healthier. Using the "All Natural" play, just like the cereal boxes before them, Pterry's will see many benefits in reaching out to more of their market. A veggie burger and fresh fruit, at a fast food joint?!? Get out of here. 

Pterry’s continuously remains the staple of the local fast food picture and that is primarily because they understand the importance of the small things that are constantly increasing market share and driving profit. So, next time you are looking for a way to grow your business and increase your market share, think of the Pterry’s example and notice how they are utilizing the small things to build an empire. 

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