Email Marketing Plans and Details

Thank you for starting your free trial with us! Please fill out the form below to start. This page is for you to further understand the plan that you selected and what we are going to be doing with your account. 


The first level of the email marketing campaign is a great starter pack for brands that want to send emails, but haven't dabbled too far into it––kind of a "toe in the water" type of plan. We will handle all of your email marketing campaigns, send 2 emails per month to your subscriber list, work on the graphic design for those emails, and supply you with email analytics for the emails that have been send out.

Email & Testing

This plan is a great step-up from the first plan. We will be using an email marketing platform to handle all of your email campaigns, send 4 emails out per month (once a week), handle all of the graphics within the email, we'll write the email copy and have you edit, do A/B testing of the subject line (sending a portion Subject Line A and the other portion Subject Line B to foresee future subject line success), and unlimited email resends. That means that any time you see a lower email open rate than you want, we will target the subscribers that haven't opened the email and resend to those specific subscribers. 

Email, Testing, & Automation

With this plan, we will handle all of the things from previous plans, but will also include 6 emails per month, email automation, and email list growth plan. Email automation will allow us to target subscribers at the right time when they're in the right place. They will see messages based on their behavior, which increases brand loyalty and produces a higher ROI. Email List Growth will help to bring greater awareness and a greater ROI as well. We will discuss the specific plan for your business in the first few days after your trial starts.